Friday, January 27, 2012


Believe me it's not as if I've forgotten about my blog this week (month) if you can believe it I just haven't had much to say. Sometimes it's hard to be a blogger. There are lots of lovely places that I visit, lots of projects that I do or want to do, a million decorating ideas that I see and want to share, and even a dinner or 2 that I make that I would like to share. I just don't.  So it's Friday and well anything goes. So why don't you tell me what are you up to? Do any cool projects, cook a wonderful meal, visit a lovely place? Tell me... please...

-I'll share a few things that are going on with me.. I'm engrossed in Big Bang Theory. Yes. I am late to this party. I'm sucked in and I love it. Oh that crazy Sheldon (and Raj, Penny etc. all of them). Bazinga!
- I am obsessed with Pinterest.. ok who isn't right? Next.
-What new nail polish are you wearing? I currently have on a sea foam green with a glitter overlay. Glitter makes me happy. I need new polishes. What's in? I need suggestions.
-Confession: I'm a bad blogger. Really I am. I'm in a mode where it's so much more fun to read about stuff then write about stuff.  
-Yikes, my hair is darker. Not like my profile picture at all. I need to get back to blonde Stat! 
Ok It's Friday.. so go crazy! Happy Friday Y'all!


Green Willow Pond said...

Sometimes we all need a break from blogging. I've had my share.

I love pinterest too, and spent way to much time on it at first. After awhile you start seeing the same things over and over. Now I spend a few minutes a day.

I don't do nail polish because they would constantly be chipped or mucked up with paint from my projects. It's too much work to keep up ugh!

Good to hear from you!

haven said...

Ahhh, I'm in the exact same place. Don't feel like writing much, and have been "collecting" lots of ideas....kinda lost my umph after Christmas, and need to save some more pennies before tackling another project. Thanks for putting words to my thoughts. :) Pinterest, on, my friend.

Shannon said...

I've been a bad blogger too. I just got out of the habit. The nice thing is you can always come back when you're ready to share. I'm addicted to Pinterest too. I caught myself checking it on my iPhone today stoped at a red light and thought, what am I doing, I'm an addict!