Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Summer is closing in...

Summer is right around the corner my friends. So it's time to get your ass in shape! With that said, I'm going to say a few words that are as foreign to me, as they may be to you... I actually love working out and I can't wait for Summer! I know, I know I'm crazy but I love this getting fit stuff. Right now I'm in the beginning stages of doing Couch to 5k (on week 3). All in hopes of doing The Color Run come July 8th. I figured if I put it out there, then there is no backing down!

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Stuck in a rut and need some motivation? How about these lil tid bits:
1. Working out makes your skin pretty! Your skin is your largest organ, working out brings blood flow and oxygen to the skin and gets rid of all those icky toxins that get stuck in there. Good reason number 1
2. After working out there is much less to feel guilty about so you can have that treat or a glass of wine.
3. Buying workout clothing is fun! 
4. Working out makes you sleep better at night and we all know that ladies - we need our beauty sleep.
5. If you're stressed out, it works wonders.
6. The obviously, it's really really good for you!

So who's with me? Anyone else getting back into the groove all in time for Summer??

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DayzdKel said...

You go girl!!!! You know I'm with ya. 6 lbs and counting. =D