Monday, August 18, 2008

Joey, Donnie, and whats his name??

Aw 2 of my fave KIDS. Why so serious Donnie? Don't you know you resurrected your career and women are screaming for you again? Ok well maybe just a few of us! I always went nuts for Donnie, Joey was a close 2nd. When Joey was on Dancing with the Stars, I relived my whole NKOTB obsession all over again. Honestly, the rest of them did nothing for me! Danny looks a little scary to me still.
Wonder why Donnie looks so lonely as he celebrated his 39th Birthday at JET nightclub in The Mirage in Vegas. 39th birthday?? Holy crap he is the same age as me?? He still dresses and looks like he did 20 years ago?? Well I do too, so why am I shocked? :P

Didn't he rock that same style then.. baseball caps, same serious look? All that's missing is the mullet? Looks like he was joined by a few band mates, Joey McIntyre and Danny Wood. Wonder where the Knight brothers are?

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