Tuesday, August 19, 2008

sigh.. Ryan and Rachael together again?

Rarely does a scene from TV stay etched in my brain, let alone a scene from the MTV Movie Awards?? But in 2005 Rachael McAdams and "OMG he is so Hot" Ryan Gosling won Best Kiss for The Notebook, and I remember it..vividly! Do you remember when she ran across the stage, jumped in his arms, he then grabbed her face and they kissed, I mean really kissed? I swear my mouth dropped open, not believing what I was witnessing! Oh the passion! Forever that image will be burned in my memory as the most romantic kiss on TV (only paling by comparison to the actual kiss in the movie). I was honestly upset to hear that they had broken up last year. Come on, how adorable are they together? Hopefully the rumors that they are back together are true! I so need to see more pics of him.

Just thought I would comment and share that scene..

sigh.. honey is so getting jumped on like that tonight. I'll warn him as I get my running start..

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