Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Now thats my kind of Halloween!

The plan for this weekend is to have my house EXPLODE with Halloween decorations and I can't wait. I am a huge fan of Halloween, well the decorating part of it, the scary part of it? um not so much! I don't like to be scared period. I hate scary movies and I have been known to throw a punch when being jumped out at! It's that bad. I think I am the only person I know that actually gets scared in a costume store. I get freaked by the props, life-size killer clowns (don't get me started with clowns, they are NOT funny), all the ghosts and goblins hanging from the ceilings etc. ALL freak me the hell out. I know in my head they are not real, but I just can't stand to even look at them. Hubby loves to get crazy for Halloween. He loves to get gross and disgusting masks, props and tries to think of ways to scare the kids. This year we are going to invest in a fog machine for our haunted "entrance"! I just wish we had more kids in the neighborhood. He goes to so much trouble for the 10 kids that come by. oh well, it doesn't stop thim though.
Have you been on lately? I just love this site. These decorating ideas are exactly what I am thinking. Who needs dead people to have a good time?

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