Monday, January 5, 2009

New Lists for the New Year!

It seems like for the last couples of days, I have been making a ton of lists. Nothing new for me since I am the Master List Maker. With my 2009 resolution still going strong (I'm 5 days in) and I am also planning my daughters 10th Birthday party, the list are getting crazy. I am simultaneously in Party Coordinator mode and Clean out my house mode!! The Party Planner mode means I need to get things done for Saturday's party. That means projects around the house that no one but me will notice, need to get done! Yesterday I cleaned out my jewelry boxes and gave everything to my youngest (she was so happy). Now I need to move onto our multiple closest and get those cleaned out. The upside of this all this craziness is it will get my butt moving, and after all the food consumed within the last 2 weeks, it will be a win-win situation. Here is the master list of things for me to this week:

1. clean out closets with clothes we no longer wear (thank god hubby does his own)
2. drop off all donated clothes
3. sort and donate household items that are overtaking my office.
4. vacuum house
5. wash all hard wood floors
6. clean mirrors throughout the house
7. clean bathrooms
8. sand down touch ups and repaint
9. organize laundry room
10. mentally get ready for Saturday's party
11. grocery store for party food
12. liquor store for party food
13. make favors and party decorations

I know it's crazy but I feel so much better when I make list and can cross out what I have gotten done. It makes me feel.. well excited!

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