Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Looking forward to 2009

I know I already posted my 2009 resolution, but since it's such a small thing to do, I thought I would add another one. Get organized and just SIMPLIFY. OK, technically that's 2. Seems easy enough, but I'm wonder how hard it will be to really accomplish these goals? It's all going to start with my office (it's such a mess) and moving through the rest of my life- finances, my calendar, amount of purses, beauty/skincare products etc. Get rid of things I don't use and streamline our house so it's more efficient and eco-friendly. I am slowly learning I don't need to have a new purse(s) for every season. I don't need to have all those blushes, eye shadows, and lotions. I recently was called a "product junkie" (thanks Dawn) but she is right, I have too much stuff that I just don't use. Don't you think life would be easier if things were in more order and just simple? I do. I've been on Real Simple website non-stop lately, and I never noticed the wealth of information there is on this website.

Just a note: A continuation on my 2008 resolution. This one honestly changed my life.
Worry less - especially what others think. Care about the people that deserve to be in my life, and not about the ones that don't. My life is wonderful. I have the most amazing husband, who still gives me butterflies. I have 2 amazing children. I am blessed to have friends that I truly love. 2008 helped me realize the old issues I was holding on to and to let them go. I still feel good about the decisions I made in 2008. I can only hope that 2009 will be even better. Man am I getting wise in my old age!! I hope if you make a resolution, you stick to it, if not Good for you.
Enjoy 2009!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh man. So 100% TOTALLY how I'm feeling right now. Great blog today, TaƱa. Hit very close to home. Thanks, Doll. <3