Wednesday, March 11, 2009

10 things I *heart* about Spring!!

1. The weather - We had a little teaser with the gorgeous weather last weekend, it actually got up to 72!! You just can't beat 72 degrees, with that comes sunshine, and just an all over good vibe. It makes you want to do stuff, doesn't it? I'm looking forward to when this weather is a constant!
2. Sandals and Flip-Flops - I love flip flops and normally buy about 4 -5 new ones per Spring season! I love wearing open toed shoes period. With sandals and flip-flops comes the constant pedicures! Bonus!!
3. Opening windows - Ahhh, nothing feels or smells better than a breeze coming through an open window! Turn the music up real loud and clean the house!
4. T shirts - I love a perfect fitting T. Spring makes me want to go out and buy T's and when I find that perfectone, I buy it in a few colors. It only makes sense!! I found having just a bit of lycra does the trick.
5. White pants - (After Easter of course). I love white pants. Don't think that white makes you look fat, it's the cut that doesn't flatter your body, that does that. Of course there are some women that can't pull it off and shouldnt even try. White is just so fresh and any color top that you pair with it just seem to POP. It looks great with the turquoise, coral and metallic sandals that are so in for this spring and summer! Add a pair of over sized sunglasses and your look is complete!
6. New Spring Handbags - I love looking for that perfect bag for the Spring. I tend to buy one colorful bag that will go with different looks (casual, out for drinks etc.). This year I m thinking of getting a turquoise bag. I have my sites on a few.
7. Fresh Fruit and Veggies - Nuff said!
8. Dining outside - What can be better than sitting back, relaxing and enjoying the scenery with a nice glass of wine of a cold cocktail. Whether it's outside at a patio bar or my favorite, my sun room.
9. Water ice - Rita's Water ice will be opening soon. I just love their Mango water ice. It makes Spring feel offically here when they open.
10. Taking walks- So far the weather has been kinda nice for just a few days and I have already taken a walk everyday. My dog is loving it too.
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DayzdKel said...

Hey girl. I just updated my blog. I think you'll enjoy it. I hope to keep up better with it and to follow yours more regularly

DayzdKel said...

Just read your comment over on mine. I'm not a big breakfast eater so I eat a zone bar (4 points) and fat free milk. But Western bagel has an Alternative Bagel that's only 2 points and then I think weight watchers cream cheese is only 1 pt or 2. It's the greatest thing I have ever done for myself. I'm so happy that you're doing it too. =0) What is your daily points?

Lil Miss Sunshine said...

Love that list...that spring teaser we had last weekend is giving me a fever! Come On Spring!