Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Design idea - Succulents

I have a problem with natural lighting in my front room. I have one lone (large) bay window in this room, and although I could put plants on the window sill, I am not a fan on having plants in your front window. Just a "thing" I have. The solution? Succulents. I have some experience with them since they are all over my yard (they came with the house). I figure if I can do nothing to them and have them survive every year, then even I can make them survive inside my house. I think its safe to say I do not have a green thumb, and I am ok with it. Succulents are actually really pretty plants. They look great alone or in groupings. They have shallow roots and require hardly any water, which makes them ideal for my household. Since they do have such shallow roots, they can be planted in just about anything. I plan on using only white planters in all shapes and sizes. I'll post pics once I tackle this project! Can't wait!

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DayzdKel said...

They really are pretty. I've seen them before but I never knew what they were called. Can't wait to see the pics.