Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring time in Paris

TGIF and Happy weekend! This weekend got here so quick and am I ever glad it did. It is going to be Gorg - eous in Southern NJ this weekend. I am hoping to finish up the kitchen this weekend, yes, the freakin kitchen, (it'll be the death of me for sure), the good news (for me, cause you guys could really care less) is that most of the work I have to do is the final touches. Added a leg here, a dab of paint here. Other good news is that we finished the cabinets (wootwoot), the cool looking black kick plates and the molding. The bad news is I ended up not liking the old molding around the cut out between the kitchen and dining room, soooo the hubby has some work to do. And can you believe I still haven't found tea towels, art work or a runner for this space? I am going to run to Home Goods again today with hopes that they have new inventory. I don't know whether I am just too picky or I just am not being inspired at all. I have a vision in my head and nothing is cutting it. Let's just hope this is time pays off.
This past Wednesday, the hubby and I went to the Philadelphia International Flower Show 2011. It was such a nice time. The show was amazing and so inspirational. Honestly, I am not a gardener. I have no idea what half the flowers were let alone if they are shade plants, full sun or partial sun whatev, but we came away with a ton of ideas and that's exactly the reason why we went. That and some much needed alone time. It was a perfect day.
This year's theme: Spring Time in Paris. Nothing says Paris like the Eiffel Tower. This is unbelievable vision that greets you once walked into the Philadelphia Convention Center. The lower tier of the tower that could be seen from everywhere in the center. There was even a light show. Ooh La La!
Bushels of lavender greeted you when you walked in. Oh the smell was heavenly.  
Gargoyles and something - I don't really know? A bear perhaps? All made from succulents
An amazing water feature.. notice the fountain way down yonder. It flowed down the middle of the brickwork and funneled back around again to the fountain. So cool.
Vibrant tulips. There were literally hundreds of thousands at the exhibit.
The hubby and I. I hate his hair. Hate. Don't even get me started. 
An amazing, and I mean AMAZING outdoor space from EP Henry
I want this - I mean really want this. Ooh honey I'll let you grow your hair out if you please build me this.
 Pretty please? 
I even loved the planters, solar lights and the lambs ear in each corner. Wow, look at me - I knew a plant. 
It was all just gorgeous. Killer parties could be had in this space
I will also be willing to have this gorgeous iron gazebo, just in case the above is not in our budget.
Another view of the "Eiffel Tower"
I love the pop of colors with this display and am now obsessed with finding yellow urns for my doorway.
Of course there was a ton (and I mean a ton) of vendors. Look at these gorgeous antique looking thingies I purchased. Anyone know what these are called? Inside is glass to hold a candle.
I have no clue, I am just calling them mine. :-)
Bonne fin de semaine!
Happy Weekend everyone!


Desiree said...

sooo jealous you went....didnt have achance to go this year...did you make it to the wine tasting they have set up!? and I so want those bird cage candle things you they have a web sight? as for the urn buy em cheap and paint em!

Mommy Lite Online said...

OMG...I want that outdoor kitchen. Found you through a friend. SUCH a gorgeous blog.