Thursday, March 5, 2009

Stylish Displays

I'm on the hunt for stylish ways to display my massive jewelry collection. I have everything in different jewelry boxes, a metal display "tree" and a few display boxes. I would love to get more organized with this, so I did a search for ideas. Seems like lots of creative people did what I want to do, and offer a TON of ideas. I really don't want to display my jewelry with anything that goes on the wall, if I had a walk-in closet then I would definitely do this. I am actually looking to store it away in its own place. I was thrilled to see an idea on (what isn't on there?) suggesting to use a drawer (I have that), line it with velvet (to prevent sliding and rattling) then fill it with lone teacups, saucers and petite bowls. GENIUS! I am all ready to go measure the drawer and start filling it with my treasures!

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