Tuesday, April 14, 2009

All about the containers

This spring/summer it's all about flowers in containers. I'm trying to think of all kinds of ideas to use as a containers (except old shoes, that's just weird). Over the years that I have been in this house, I planted a bunch of perennials. Perennials I got! The previous owner was just a tad landscaping happy and planted a ton as well. I have transplanted a bunch of flowers and when I first attacked the garden, I ripped out what I thought were weeds! Oops! Lately, I've been lucky in finding containers in curbside trash (yes, I am trash picking). So far, I've picked up an old metal pail, 2 plastic urns and a metal plant stand. The plan is to paint the urns lime green, and the plant stand and metal pail an orange. Those are the colors I am using to decorate the sunroom, so it ties all together. My garden is already home to an old wash stand, 2 metal watering cans, and LOTS of terracotta planters. Also I did a project a few years ago, making the planters look like they are "spilling" out flowers (like this). It really is that cute!
Now if only this weather would get me in the mood to do all these projects!!!

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