Thursday, April 9, 2009

Here's the Easter Rabbit - Hooray!

The Happy Easter Rabbit, Hooray! Remember that Bugs Bunny cartoon? It's one of my faves!
Man this week just flew by. I am so happy I have off of work tomorrow! I really need it! Tonight is April's "Girl's Night out". Starting off with pedi's, then Starbucks and who knows what in between. I LOVE that we are doing GNO on a monthly basis. I look forward to it every month! Looks like I have another busy weekend! Surprised? Tomorrow we are going to visit my nieces and nephew (godson). I haven't seen them since my brother in-law came and did the shelves in February. I miss them. This Saturday, my 16 year-old daughter and I are going to look for prom shoes and accessories. FUN! Can you believe I have even been too busy to go to Nordstorm's? It's been opened for 2 WEEKS! GASP! You would think I was there at 10 AM on the day it opened with all the other nuts! Seriously, there was a huge line waiting to get in! Saturday night, we get to play dress up. She wants me to do a practice run on her hair and makeup for the prom. This is the part I love. I have an idea already of what I want her to look like. Picture - heavy eye with a natural cheek and nude lips. We take lots of pics so we remember what I we did come the actual prom day. We do this for every dance. I guess it's a tradition. Sunday, of course is Easter. We are going to my mom's this year. She is going all out this year (it's been awhile since we have been to her house for Easter). She is making ham, some kind of potato, spinach lasagna (my girls requested this), and roasted asparagus. I am bringing a strawberry salad, green bean casserole (a healthy version) and dessert. I have 2 desserts in mind actually. Chocolate mousse and an angel food cake with a pineapple/whipped cream topping. I have never made either, so it should be interesting. No baking involved so that's a plus! Thank god I have my WW weigh in on Saturday morning. Gives my 5 days to work this meal off!
By Sunday night, I will probably have all my Easter decorations down. I was early putting them up this year (after forgetting for a few) and I am tired of them already. I wanted to share a picture of Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit. I made them in ceramics class a few years ago. I just love how they turned out.
Enjoy your holiday weekend and have a Happy Easter!!!!!

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