Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend wrap up!

This weekend JUST flew by! We had (are having) crazy ass HOT weather and I gotta tell you I just don't like it. It's too hot. Although I made sure I enjoyed it, I would like it to stay Spring-y for a bit more. My Friday night was me, running around, hell all last week was me running around. My 16 year-old daughter's Junior Prom was on Saturday night. So there was lots to be done. I love this kinda stuff though, so I really don't stress over it. I actually enjoy it. My Friday ended with me hanging out with my youngest daughter. I love spending quality time with her. We put masks on, made pop corn (I had hummus and carrots) and watched "Bedtime Stories" with Adam Sandler. It was adorable. Saturday morning, I woke up bright and early to attend my WW meeting.. I'm down 9.9 lbs! Not to bad for 8 weeks on the program. I was actually not my best this week due to the excessive running around but I still saw a slight loss and I am happy with the overall loss to date. I haven't stayed the same, now gained any at this point. That I think is a good thing. I took down all my summer clothes from the attic, and my shorts are all loose. I actually had to wear shorts that were too tight on me last summer. They fit and are actually a tad loose! You can imagine my happiness over that? LOVE that!
I came home from my WW meeting, got the Prom Princess and took her for the mani/pedi thing, Then ran around getting flowers for the mantle. Once I got home I made brownies, tidied up and put out cookies (store bought) water bottles etc. and waited to get started on her. My best friend Dawn and I did her hair and makeup. She looked stunning. It's amazing to me that I raised this child to be as magnificent as she truly is. She just glows. She is so sweet, stunningly gorgeous, caring, smart and just my joy. Sigh. She is growing up so fast.
Any hoo, Sunday I found myself having the whole morning to myself. So I grabbed my coffee, the newspaper and headed outdoors. Here are a few pics of my view of my garden and other things :) as I sat outside. It was a perfect way to start the day. We took our youngest to a craft fair during the afternoon, then headed home to do some yard work (he did that while I laid out). The hubby grilled homemade burgers (turkey for me) and I ended the night reading magazines. Honestly it was perfect. Just wish it would of lasted longer. I hope your weekend was wonderful too!

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