Wednesday, May 27, 2009

next crafty project on my "to do" list

I have always loved the look of an upholstered nailhead headboard. I have this look dog-earred in catalogs, pages torn out of magazines and blogs added to favorites, all with suggestions to get this look. Blogs are just so wonderful for ideas. There is no shortage of inspiration out there in blogland. Don't you just love this look? It's the perfect combination of a feminine fabric and the masculine effect of nail head trim. I really have no excuse not to have this project completed by now. I have the wood, a hubby willing to help me (he is the best) and the know how to complete this project. I have re-upholstered my dining room chairs so many times, the hubby doesn't even complain when I come looking for his staple gun. Come to think of it, that needs to be done too! Now to just get to the fabric store (I'm thinking linen or burlap) and pick out the material and batting. What else do I need??? I feel like I am forgetting something... oh right - TIME!!!! I need to find the time..

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