Friday, June 19, 2009

Decisions - Decisions

Awhile ago I posted about my hunt for my next tattoo... or was I discussing my crush for Megan Fox? Whatever. I know what I want now and I will not be talked out of it. Oh you'll want to express how I am jinxing my marriage. Ahhhh bullshit! I'm going to tattoo my hubby's name on my wrist. Yup, I'm doing it and I don't care what you think!! OK I kinda care, but not about this. Currently I have a tiny star on my left wrist (see link on my crush), and I want to add his name right next to the star. Pretty much like Jenny Garth's tattoo (Peter). I love it. At first I was thinking of doing our anniversary in Roman numerals (letters?) just like Eva Longoria, but I love the look of his name next to the star. He has the most FABulous name! I also think I am going to get my star tinted with a little color too. What do you think - Turquoise tint inside the star? I'm so excited!

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