Thursday, June 25, 2009

When did I become old?

Ok so I'm turning the big 4-0, but I still feel like the same person I was in high school. I actually think I'm better than I was in high school. I know I look better (that counts right?). It seems like over the years I went from ordering girly drinks and shots to now ordering red wine. Wait a minute! ugh I am old! Well maybe that doesn't make me old but I don't have the desire to go to clubs, some concerts are just too loud for me and did I really just say "I'm getting too old for this shit"? I guess you just gotta laugh it off, realize we are getting old and say So What! So what if I love dinner parties, that I sometimes let out a loud sigh when I sit down on the sofa, that I think college kids all look like babies, and really think girls should put on more clothes. I look damn good for my age and well, until that goes, I'll just sigh as I sit my old ass on my couch and have a bottle of red wine.
So I gotta ask - When was you're "Oh God I'm old" moment??

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Desiree said...

your not old..your just more mature and grown up to enjoy the finer things life has to offer! I'm the same hit at 35