Monday, September 28, 2009

Bathroom redo update

I completely forgot that I had promised to show pics from my bathroom redo. Well it's still not done.. almost, but not quite there. I still have nothing on the walls, need to find the perfect shower curtain and I still need to complete a few crafty projects. But I didn't want you to think I forgot about my promise. Here is a sneak peek. Don't mind the mess on the sink counter. and in the redo that candle is on a shelf now. I'm constantly changing things around in that room. The color on the wall was Basil (it's on my kitchen walls also), and is now Watermark, both from Behr. What do you think about the color?



Michele said...

LOVE the color!

Orange it Lovely said...

thanks. it's very "spa" like lol

jcg868 said...

I loved the before color as well. The kitchen in my old place (before the townhouse but after Erie - lol) was done in three shades of green and I loved it. Eventually I would like to do the same thing here. Anyway, I love the watery blue color as well. Beautiful. Of course. :-)