Monday, September 28, 2009

They're here!!

Imagine my surprise while food shopping yesterday... Honeycrisp Apples are here! Fall is truly here now. If you have not tried these crispy, juicy, sweet goodness, you must go out and get some.. NOW! I love them! They are on the expensive side of the apple world, but oh soo worth it! Yum! The sign says it all - The BEST Apple in the World. pic from here


Anonymous said...

You were right; these honey crisp apples are fantastic. I stopped at Whole Foods on my way home from Pilates and these were right up front int heir produce dept. Best apple I have had in years.

Orange it Lovely said...

Oh good. I'm glad you like them! They are around til mid-end of Nov.

Anonymous said...

My dad introduced us to Honey Crisp apples a few years back. They are, for sure, the best apples in the world.