Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Getting crafty - Hurricane center piece

Craft project # 2.
This time it is a centerpiece for my dining table. This was so much fun to do and again.. so easy. The hurricane glass candle holders are from the Dollar Store, so is the ribbon. The burlap was left over from a runner I made (that's the next project I need to complete). The mirror was originally blue (forgot to take a picture before I sprayed it) and has been just sitting in a closet for awhile (years). I sprayed it a "rusty red" to make it look more like the "Fall"... add a few tall white candles and Viola! Do you like? I love it!


Anonymous said...

love, Love, LOVE it!!!!!

Desiree said...

Where are you getting these ideas?

Orange it Lovely said...

Des.. whatever do you mean? Don't you know I am very crafty?? lol Lots of places, blogs, mags and catalogs. I see something I love and tweak it . Most times I see something and I think what I can do with it and just come up with it. lol