Monday, September 21, 2009

Getting Crafty - Wine Rack

This weekend I actually had time to finish a few of my crafty projects. Do you remember this post? It is a wine rack. I decided I needed something that would fit on our new bookcases. We have the center of the bookcases set up as a "bar" area. I also wanted something that was "different". I suggested to the hubby that we use PVF piping since it was a perfect storage solution and honestly it is a cheap material. Plus we all know that ideally wine should be stored on its side (not standing up). Also the piping in cases the wine so that no light hits it. I really did think this through. Yes I know my wine supply is running low. I plan to fix that with a wine run this weekend! :)
Here's how we did it: The hubby measured the area and cut the PVF pipes to fit. We decided to go with different "hole" sizes to add some dimension. Then I arranged the pipes with how I wanted them to be displayed. The hubby then glued them together and sanded it down. We took a paint sample of the bookcases to Lowe's, a sprayed painted the whole thing. It looks lighter in the pics and knowing me I will spray it again, but for right now I just love it. It was so easy to do and so chic! What do you think?

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Desiree said...

Love, Love, love it! Your so creative!