Friday, September 4, 2009

I <3 the Fall... I really really do

I always tell my husband I want to move out of NJ for some place warmer, and he says the same thing every time. "You'll miss the Fall". I really hate when he is right. I do love the Fall. Sad as it makes me feel knowing that I am stuck in NJ, it makes me happy to realize being stuck in NJ in the Fall, ain't too bad. There are so many things that I love about the Fall. Mostly it's the obvious things - cooler weather, changing of the leaves, pumpkin picking, Halloween etc., but Fall is so much more to me. It's about that "feeling" I try to create when you walk in my home. A feeling of "love lives here". Yes, to me the Fall feels like love. It's so important to me that I make a home for my family that "feels" like love. A home that wraps around you like a warm loving hug. So maybe my home is not the BEST decorated, the biggest, or the most expensive, but there is love in this home - and that's most important to me. So walk into my home in the Fall and yes, you will smell apple candles burning, see a ton of pumpkins, leaves and mums, but best of all you will feel loved. And you gotta love that!

Some of the other reasons I love the Fall.
1. Sitting/Reading in front of the fireplace
2. Football games
3. watching TV snuggled in blankets
4. Sleeping on flannel sheets
5. Chili
6. Simmering oranges, cloves and cinnamon
7. Caramel apples
8. Trick or Treaters
9. Cozy socks
10. The wind blowing through the turning leaves.

What are some reasons you love about the Fall?

pics from pottery barn


Desiree said...

I totally agree with ya...when you walk in my house it's got this great pumpkin spice smell..( yankee candle plug ins) Big basket of apple on table ( went apple pickin yesterday!) just the crisp weather pumpkins and leaves all around....the chilli and hearty dinners..corn bread pumpkin pie....I made a pumpkin topiary with lights last year and plan on makin 2 more for out front ...i'll take apic and post on fb when I get it out! I have a harvest party every year in beginning of oct. you should come with Dawn ..I'll let you know when I pick a date..comfort foods and pumpkin pie martinis....lovin this time of the year!

Orange it Lovely said...

I'll be there girl!!! Just let me know!
take pics and email me them so I can see what you do! I love that stuff.

jcg868 said...

This brought a tear to my eye. Very touching. And I'm not being sarcastic! ;-p~~

Orange it Lovely said...

aw thanks Jo!