Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What I'm loving - Nate (aka cutie patootie)

ok "Loving" might not be a not strong enough of a word for what I was feeling while watching Nate Berkus on HSN on Friday night. Maybe it was closer to "obsession"? Yes.. obsession. I wanted to all!!! Everything he was hawking, from sheets, chairs to mirrors were pure beauty. Seriously - BEAUTIFUL. Ok backing up a bit, yes I was watching HSN, but only because Nate Berkus was on there and hello, everyone that loves Oprah and Interior Design LOVES Nate. Anyhoo, getting back to my obsession(s). Nate nails it with his line on HSN. NAILS IT! Look at his ottoman.. not only does it have a cool shape, but the color palette is killer as well. And that Studio Sofa? uh.. lovely. simply lovely. Now if he could just price these puppies so some people could actually afford them - yeah that would be great Nate.

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jcg868 said...

last time I looked, that studio sofa was on easy pay/flex pay or whatever they call it on HSN! I LOVE that sofa!!!!!