Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Saving money - The Martha way

Martha came up for 50 money saving ideas. Some of which I already do, and highly suggest you do. Really does save you some dinero!
1. Budget vases - instead of buying vases, make your own with spray paint and clean empty glass jars.
2. Store wine on a budget - Instead of buying an expensive wine cooler, just store your wine in a cool dark spot. Unfortunately I broke my wine cooler a while ago, but I learned that you can chill reds in the fridge for about about 15 minutes, open the bottle and slowly bring it to room temperature. Those wine fridges are very pricey.
3. Keeping a well kept pantry - Transfer your flour, sugar, and other dry goods to wide-mouth, airtight containers. This keeps them fresher longer and also makes it easier to scoop with measuring tools.
4. Buy Generic - I'm not as big of a label whore as I use to be. Some things are just as tasty in the store brand variety (especially Target brands).
5. Go low-flow - This one we are in the process of doing now. I hate the amount of water my shower will waste. Last week, I went looking for a new showerhead and bizarrely it was really confusing, so I passed this one on to the hubby. With this one small change, we can save up to $145 a year on our water bill a year.
6. Run appliances at night - HA! I knew I was right about this one. Sorry hubby you are WRONG!!! :)

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