Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Settee Pretty

Any day (or weekend) now we are going to start on Operation "dining room redo". Sanding, priming, staining and poly-ing, good times, good times! Our original dining set is very "country" looking. Although I do love country.. It's more along the lines of french country, not farm country. Roosters and eggs just ain't me, sorry to the rooster and egg lovers everywhere. I have the design idea all worked out in my head, shocking huh? I have the material to recover the chairs, I have the paint all picked out, but what I don't have is a settee. Yes I said settee. My design idea involves using a settee as seating. I've been checking craigslist every day and so far, nothing. Well nothing that I just have to have. I still have time to find it and I know I eventually will find it. Once I get a great idea in my head... well, it just happens and I just LOVE LOVE this idea. What do you think.. tres chic.. no?
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