Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Are you brave enough for Black Friday?

Are you crazy enough to shop on Black Friday or would you rather eat dirt than brave the crowds and those long lines? I have never been afraid to shop and I have to admit that I actually love shopping on BF. I really don't find that it's true when they say the lines are crazy long, there is mass chaos, or that the people are all missing the holiday cheer. I have found it to be the opposite (for the most part). People are nice, they are cheerful and although yes, the lines are long, they really are not that bad. Plus you get to hear all that wonderful holiday music piping through the stores. How can you not be festive with all that? Oh and the sales? The sales are so worth it! I put together a list of a few keys things to remember when you plan out your shopping ahead of time. Yes, you really must plan it all out ahead of time.
1. Have a list of what you would like to accomplish at each store. Check out all the sites that offer a sneak peek into their Black Friday sales. You can just google Black Friday 2009 and you will get a ton of sites.
2. Dress comfortable. No jackets, maybe just a light sweater. You will get hot, trust me. Leave the layers at home.
3. Wear comfortable shoes. If you are shoe shopping for yourself, wear a slip on shoe so you don't have to lace and re-lace over and over.
4. Bring a good friend!! It's much for fun to have someone that will make you laugh while waiting in those lines.
5. Leave the hubby and kids home! Kids really don't need to be out that early or for that long.
6. It's just plain torture for you and them.
7. Oh yeah and to make the day start off right.. pick up a latte. Starbucks is opened EARLY on Black Friday!
8. And for Pete's sake have fun!!!

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