Monday, November 23, 2009

Do you do "themes"?

What kind of Christmas decorator are you? Do you do "themes"? I'm talking about themes were you use only certain colors or style? Do you decorate with an old world style? Are you into bringing the outdoors in? How about a total contemporary holiday look? This year I decided to do lots of glass, silvers with hints of teals and magenta. I am planning to start decorating THIS weekend!! Can you believe it's here already? Christmas Decorating time! Yeah!
I love the use of these Holiday color combos on BHG. It's all so festive.

Red and green Jewel tones

Black, White & Green

and lastly, my look for this year. Silver, teal and magenta


Shelly K said...

Oh I LOVE your silver teal and magenta...amazing together.
I also had never been to E.Ross's blog, thanks for the link. <3 your blog

Lil Miss Sunshine said...

I think you know my decor style. Can't wait to see how your color scheme looks. I bet it'll be fabulous!