Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lampshade makeover

Have you ever seen something and thought "I can do or make that"? Well I do it ALL the time. So when I would keep seeing blogs that showed lampshade makeovers, I thought "I can so do that, it looks so easy". And well, it WAS! Super easy. Maybe it's was because I used burlap to recover the lampshde? Maybe because I didn't use a patterned material, so there was no "lining up" to make sure it was on straight? Or maybe cause I had a fun time doing it and didn't care if it wasn't perfect? All I know is I really love how it turned out and isn't that all that matters! I hope you like it too.
Before ..loved the base, hated the shade for this room Materials - Shade, burlap, grosgrain ribbon and a glue gun

Final Product. What do you think?


Desiree said...

love it!

Shelly K said...

Adorable. I love burlap (like most other bloggers at the moment)