Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Monday - Oooh pretty makeup

Eh Monday morning..I'm bored in work so I have been on Sephora for a few hours. I added Benefit's Sugarbomb blush to my Sephora Wish List.. isn't it just so pretty?

I did not get a chance to upload pics so I could show you my Slow Cooker dinner from yesterday, but I promise I will tonight. I can tell you that it turned out DELISH and the family LOVED it. I was pretty busy with a few projects that I had going on this weekend including my closet makeover that I blogged about last week! I am VERY pleased with how that turned out and I can't wait to show you. Pictures of that and a few crafty things I did this weekend are coming soon! So much too post and I love it!

Happy Monday!

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Missy Taplin said...

You really need to try this...I've been dying for someone I know to try it so I can see if it's pretty or not!!