Friday, January 15, 2010

Quest to conquer my closet - or at least start...

This weekend I am on a mission to clean out my closets and organize. I actually have 2 closets that are for me personally. There is 1 in my master bedroom and another in my office. I usually leave my dressier clothes in the office closet and my everyday work and weekend stuff in the master. Trust me, they are not huge closets. Currently the way my Master closet is setup is clothes are color coordinated and almost all my shoes are still in their boxes. Accessories such as small bags, scarfs and hats are in baskets. While the color coordination will remain the same (it's pretty), the shoe boxes are outta here. They are just taking up just too much room. I hope to talk the hubby into an Ikea run on Saturday for storage ideas. My plan is to purge, organize and beautify - in that order. I promise to take before and after pics since I have a couple of clever and cheap storage ideas up my sleeve. Hopefully they work out.
Here is pretty much what our closets look like.. just imagine a tad more clothes, shoes, purses etc.... but the layout and sizes are the same. It's almost criminal that I have to deal with having 1 closet that small. Isn't it?


I know what I will be doing this weekend, what about you?

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