Thursday, January 14, 2010

Spark Recipes

I'm sure I'm the late one when it comes to mentioning my love for Spark Recipes, but I'm gonna do it any way! This site has a TON of healthy recipes on here - Yup all healthy recipes. You can even add an app to your Blackberry or iPhone. I've been on there looking for a slowcooker recipes (for some reason I just don't like the word Crockpot, and yes I have issues) for Sunday's dinner. I haven't done a "Slowcooker Sunday" meal in a while and I'm bringing it back!


Rambling Girl said...

Never heard of this site but will have to check it out and can't wait to see your slowcooker recipes since I got a new one.

Jenny said...

I like the Sparks website, too. I am on their e-mail list. They have many great health-related tips in addition to their great recipes.