Monday, February 1, 2010

About to start - Project Master bedroom

Do you know when you do a room (paint and decorate), then thinks it's complete only to look at it years later and think huh, why did I do that? Well that's my Master Bedroom. Although it was probably done within the 1st year we moved into our home - 6 years ago, it never really was what I envisioned it to be. It was just "good enough". Well that's all about to change. I plan to put all my efforts into making this the Master bedroom of my dreams.. well my dream with a budget. This vision includes -an upholstered headboard (already have all the materials), a few new pieces to add to my already owned bed linens, a new rug, new curtains (I hope to make these), painting existing furniture, new artwork and buying new nightstands.
I really want to create a few pieces of the artwork for my bedroom and when I saw these pieces I knew this was the direction I want to go in. I can not remember who posted these pics on their blog (I'm sorry) but I just love them. Don't they seem fitting for a bedroom?

Pics from here

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