Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Apple love

I tend to get excited around late September when my favorite apple is in season. I just love Honeycrisp apples. During my last food shopping trip I saw a new apple and decided to give it a try. We are such an apple loving family. This new apple was the Macoun apple. Ever heard of it? I never have, but it will be a staple in this house because it was de-freakin-licious! Sweet and crunchy just like the Honeycrisp. I did a little investigation on this apple and found that it's the parent apple of the Honeycrisp? I have no idea what that means in the apple world, but I'm guessing this baby is a contributor to making the Honeycrisp. The sites say they are only available in the Fall, but it's February and there they were. The best part? The Macoun isn't as expensive as the Honeycrisp apple. Sweet!

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