Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's Official - I'm a baker!

So in the past I would go on and on about how "I can't bake" or "I'm not a baker"'? Well after this past weekend- this has all changed. Going forward I am now going to be known as - a baker! And here is why - My best friend's hubby asked if I could help him surprise his wife with a cake of her favorite band. After I made sure that he meant to ask me (he did), I said of course I would love too! He then proceeded to start sending me plans, yes plans, of this birthday cake. Again, I asked if he was sure he meant to ask me to help him? He assured me that he did. Since I love a challenge and my best friend, I gladly said yes (for the 2nd time). Well it was so much fun and it was actually pretty easy that I decided its ok for me to say I can bake. I'm confident that I can keep doing this "baking" thing.

So here is what we did. The cake is designed for her favorite band STYX - yes my BF is a STYX fan. Her hubby designed it and then printed out the template. Once we had that (he forgot it and had to run home) we got busy cutting out the letters and the oval for the base.

One side was Vanilla - one side was Chocolate

We then used food coloring to color 2 containers of icings 2 different shades of blues for contrast. Carefully I cut out the letters from 2 other thin sheets of chocolate cake. We used one box for this step, but only filled the pans less then half way for a thinner layer of cake. Carefully we assembled it all and added crystallized blue sprinkles for a little jazz.
Isn't it a looker? Not too shabby for my 1st attempt to do something really creative with a box cake. I have to say it really was fun and I might even go out and buy a few baking cookbooks. Crazy, I know!

OH it tasted delish too!!!
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miss corner cape said...

what a great friend you are, and now officially a baker. favorite band is...just kidding. great job!

Rambling Girl said...

Great Job! I love to bake also and have loads of cookbooks. I might have to hunt in all those and send you one. It really is easy once you do it more often.