Friday, April 16, 2010

Sunrooms on the brain

This past winter brought more snow then my poor sunroom roof could handle. Luckily, it did not cave in -but it did dent the heck out of it. We really did think the roof was going to give out. Pretty scary stuff. All I can say is thank god for Home Owners insurance! Now we can redo the sunroom. This Saturday the contractor is coming out to go over the plans and I am beyond excited! The state of the current sunroom is "fine" but just that - fine. I'm looking to make this room cozy and a stylish entertaining area - an extension of our home. We also have plans to paint the concrete floors, hopefully it will end up looking like terracotta tiles, that's the vision. That should be fun. :-/ I will post before and after pics once we get construction under way, but for now I thought I would share a few "looks" I am just drooling over!
all pics courtesy of BHG


miss corner cape said...

well you know how i feel about mine! stinks that you have to redo it, but what great possibilities now! so exciting. can't wait to see what you decide.

Desiree said...

I have a sun room as well and am interested in seeing yours... I need Ideas!