Thursday, May 20, 2010

A "Grilling it up" weekend

This weekend has lots of things going on.. Some fun (a wedding reception) and some not so much - fun. Work projects around the house, well technically it's outside the house. The fun stuff is tomorrow night we are going to a reception for my cousin and her husband who went to off to Vegas to get married. Do you remember when I asked what to wear with this? Yeah I still don't know exactly what I am wearing with this outfit, but I did pick up new Madden Girl sandals - Not necessarily for this outfit (but maybe). They were on sale.. so I just had to get them.

While in the mist of the work projects (power washing and painting the sun room floors) I also plan to actually enjoy this weekend, and what better way than to grill and have a few cold cocktails? BHG has some great grilling ideas AND cocktails that go with the dish. Takes all the guess work out of what to drink with your meal? Ok so maybe I'm the only one who thinks like that?
Burgers and a Long Island Ice Tea (2 of the hubby's favorite things)

Spicy skirt steak with avocado dipping sauce with a real margarita (the only way to make a margarita in my opinion!)

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miss corner cape said...

um, excuse me, yum! that burger is making my mouth water.

love what you said in your comment-funky and hip. i'd like to think that describes me, lol. it really brought a smile to my face!