Monday, August 23, 2010

The Romantics

There are only a few movies that I am excited to see and The Romantics is one of them. Any excuse to watch Josh Duhmel on screen is just fine by me. There are a few other good actors in the movie as well.. Katie Holmes, Adam "cutie pie" Brody and Malin Akerman. J. Crew teamed up with the cast of the movie and made this "behind the scenes" of the photo shoot. Too cute and what a great idea. Kudos to J. Crew for this great marketing idea! Here are a few pics from the photo shot.. They are only ones with Josh in them :-)
Oh the movie comes out next month, Sept 10th.

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Between Blue and Yellow said...

I love Josh Duhmel too! He is so hot :) I haven't heard of this movie yet, but the cast looks good.