Saturday, January 22, 2011

Trying to play catch-up and Slow cooker Saturday

Please don't think that I haven't forgotten about my little blog for the past few weeks, I just haven't had time to get my posts together. Seems there is always something else that needs to be done either at home or for the hubby and the kids.  This weekend I made a promise to myself that I will get the pictures off my camera and compose at least 2 posts for next week. Today is pretty much shot since the hubs and I are going to try to finish up the kitchen redo... well at least paint the kitchen walls. I narrowed down my choices to 2 colors that I just LURVVE. Both colors are very similar with the same light green/blue/gray shades. Did I mention that we redid our kitchen floors? No? lordy, I just hate planting all these teasers and not showing the completed room. I blame it all on the holidays, oh and birthdays. yes that's it. holidays and birthdays :).
So here is your teaser for the kitchen floors. Nice huh? Black Slate on a diagonal right there. Isn't it lovely even in this unfinished state?
Let's use the girls bathroom as an example of my slacker-isms I still need to accessories this room and show you the finished product. But I am one step closer since I did order the decal for the walls. Now that's progress people. 

With all the painting going on this weeked, I am counting on the slow cooker. I have such a hankering for Mexican so Cilantro Lime Chicken Tacos it is. Yum. Simple recipe, but oh so good. I plan to make homemade guacamole too. Perfect for this cold nasty weekend.
Have a wonderful Weekend!


Jenny said...

The Cilantro Lime Chicken tacos sound great! I'm going to check out the recipe. I love your tile. The rectangular shape is cool.

Amanda @ said...

Tacos aren't tacos without some cilantro and lime, in my opinion. YUM-O!

I can't wait to see your finished projects!

I'm stalling a bit myself with my blog. Our home got hit with illnesses, overtime at work, and cycling. Yes, I have discovered the world of cycling and can't stop. hehe.

By the way... GO PACKERS!