Thursday, February 24, 2011


I added a few new pages on my blog and one of them is the "Featured" tab. Yep, that's right - I was "featured"! It seems that my pretty picture tray was pretty enough to be Featured on a few wonderful blogs. No joke! Go ahead and check it out the tab if you don't believe me.. or just go cause I asked. Pretty please? Previously I have had a few things on my blog featured but since I am new to this whole "updating your blog page thingy", I thought it would be fun to show presently and going forward, the wonderful blogs that featured my stuff.

Wow who here is tired of me saying the word featured?

There are few things in this world that thrill me more than the feeling of having my projects picked on a long time favorite sites. I'm sure every blogger feels the same, but this is new to me so just go along with it.


Brandi said...

Congrats on your features!

Michelle @ Ten June said...

Congrats on the features, girl! Well-deserved :)