Thursday, February 17, 2011

Learning to take decent pictures

Blogging 101 says to create a better blog means you have to have interesting materials and also take good pictures. It says so all over blogland. Now let's define good shall we? I'd like to say that my previous blogging pictures were good, well ok more like "good enough", but I am really going to give it a go. I am sure you have read on here how my picture taking skills pretty much suck. Oh I freely admit I'm no Ansel Adams when it comes to setting up proper shots, checking shadows, making sure the lighting is perfect - blah, blah, blah. I really have no excuse other than laziness. Laziness is a legit excuse. Honestly - it is. See the problem is that I actually have a nice camera, well at least I think it's considered nice. By camera standards I'm sure it's a little dated, but eh, who cares, so am I.
This is what I own. A Sony Cyber-Shot. That's considered a good camera.. right?
Looks just like this one here 
At one time, I never left home without this baby. But the bulk of the camera and bag and the fact you just cant slip it into your purse and go, made me think it was a pain in the butt to use. So me being me, asked the hubby to get me a smaller digital camera that I could, just throw in my purse. And then I started to blog. I started to miss the "type' of pictures that I took take with my Cyber-Shot. Which brings it all back to the now. Now I want to "play" with my camera until I get it right. Yah know, become one with my camera. ummmmmmmmm.
For V day the hubby got me the most gorgeous flowers. EVER! Ooh I love him! What better way to learn my camera and all it's crazy buttons then taking pictures of vibrant colored flowers.
Here are a few shots playing with the "vivid" button on my camera. I gotta tell yah I am a little impressed with myself here. Next I am going to try natural light. Should be fun to learn.

And lastly, my favorite. Yes, I really I took this picture. Really I did! Thank god for Picasa and Picnik

I know I am still an amateur, but some of these shots came out pretty good don't yah think?


Bobbi said...

They look fantastic!! We need to cart our bulky cameras around more often, and snap away! ;)

Amanda @ said...

What a gorgeous gift you got from the hubs. ;) And I updated my digital camera and can see a HUGE difference. Still saving my pennies though for a nice one (like the one you have now).

Kristy@MyPretties said...

Pretty flowers from the hubs!

I am a professional photographer (children/families) and I am really embarrassed by some of the photos I take and put on my blog. Usually I am crafting at night and have no natural light to work with, but I promise you, if you turn that flash off and move closer to a window or light source, you will be even more so super duper impressed! It's crazy how blah a built in flash can make a photo look.