Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How many products do you use per day?

I saw an article online today on how many beauty products a woman uses on an average day. They said a women uses around 12 products and men use about six. Is that right? 12? At first 12 seemed to be to much. So I started to count up my daily products. And yup, 12 is about right. I actually use more. Since I like to mix it up a bit, I experiment with lots of eyeshadows, lipsticks, blushes, etc., but my basic routine remains the same: wash with Cosmedicine's Healthy Cleanse Foaming Cleanser & Toner In One, then apply moisturizer, Philosophy's Hope in a jar (spf 20). I guess shampoo and conditioner are beauty products? OK so that's 4 so far. Moving on to makeup: Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Foundation, Stila's Sun bronzer or Too Faced Pink Leopard Bronzer, depending on how sassy I feel that day. Now, where was I? Right then we go to eyeshadows (too many to link) eyeliner (again if I feel the need) mascara (see past post) oh can't forget my Anastasia Brow Express brow. hmm, then there are lipglosses and lipsticks? That brings me to 11? I can't forget the body and hand lotions. Oh man I didn't even think of my nighttime ritual: Sephora brand eye makeup remover, reapply my moisturizer, my vitamin C serum and my Cosmedicine Eye Specialist eye cream. Now its up to 16? wait wait how could I forget my number 1 beauty product? Rosebud Salve. I love this product. OK so am I high maintenance or is it the number 12 just ridiculous? It's ridiculous right?

How many products do you use?

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