Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday already? This week just flew by and thank god for that! Happy Friday!!

Tonight I am going to my girlfriend Ang's for GIRLS NIGHT IN (Clariol Connection House party)! We are all bringing a few dishes to eat, and also breaking in her brand new deck. PARTY! I am contributing sangria, strawberry and blue cheese salad and also some crusty bread. yum! Tomorrow morning I have weigh in. I hope tonight does not ruin it for me tomorrow. I still plan to eat my controlled healthy portions, I'm just adding a few glasses of sangria into the mix. Here's to hoping! Tomorrow night is my little cousin Leelee's high school graduation party in the city. It should be a good time. Hanging with my family, free dinner and drinks! Bonus! Tomorrow afternoon I plan on starting "Project Sunroom" Basically it's cleanup. Ugh. It's such a mess out there! Sunday is another "take the oldest to visit a college" day. This time we are off to Drexel University. Hopefully we get home early enough so that I still have some of the day left to sit, relax and enjoy my garden. A glass of wine will be in that scenario also. ;-)

Have a great weekend! I'm outta here!
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