Monday, May 18, 2009

Hola chicas (and chicos). Have a nice weekend? I know I did. I started off the weekend with a Girl's Night In at my girlfriend Ang's house. It was such a nice night. Can I just say again how happy that we do this once a month? It's a much needed break and chance to just relax andhang with my girls. Ang went all out with the food - Chicken kabobs, shrimp and crabmeat on the grill, along with Bobbi's yummy artichoke and spinach dip, angel food cake with fresh berries and my portuguese rolls (YUM), strawberry salad and sangria. I knew it was gonna be a tough weigh in, and it was - 0.3 loss. A loss, yes, but I would have liked to see more. I felt "skinny" all week, and I wanted to see it on the scale. I know I should not let the scale rule my emotions, but still I was a little bummed. Lesson learned. No drinking and excessive nibbling the night before a weigh in.
As promised, I am posting pics of my Clairol Connection House Party hair "makeover". I decided to stick with Perfect 10, but decided to go a little lighter. 7.5 Medium Ash Blonde. Man did I pick right! I love this color. Plus gorgeous glossy color is 10 minutes, what's not to love? If you are going to dye your hair at home, I highly recommend this product.

The rest of my weekend was spent cleaning the yard, grocery shopping, spray painting all kinds of stuff in my yard. Also a graduation party on Saturday night, and then taking the 16 year old daughter to a college Open House on Sunday. Oh and can I please give a shout out to my new neighbors Sarah and Jim who are by far the BEST neighbors EVER! Our dryer died Saturday and not only did Jim come over and try and fix the dryer, but when they knew it was beyond repair, he GAVE us a dryer!!!!! How wonderful is that? I am so thankful that my neighborhood is becoming filled with wonderful people that I can call a friend!


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