Monday, June 29, 2009

Birthday weekend round up!

Wow what a weekend...
This is just a quick recap because I am extremely busy today! I do have pics to that I plan to share, I just haven't had a chance to load them onto my pc (busy busy). Well let me start off by saying I had the BEST weekend! Seriously, it was perfect in every way! It started Saturday morning with a pedi from my BF Dawn and ended last night with a small family BBQ. UGH I am tired today! The hubby made my 40th the most amazing night (actually the whole weekend). Along with the help of my closest friends and family, it was truly wonderful. The food was fantastic, and the company was even better. It was magically. I couldn't have asked for a better group of friends and family to share it with. oh and I just have to add that my table setting was GORGEOUS! I was beyond pleased with how it turned out. It got lots of compliments too. I will post pics real soon, I promise!

Just a little note: Hubby, you truly out did yourself and made it one of my best birthday EVER!
Saying Thank you is not even enough to express how much I appreciated it! I Love you!
How cute is it that he also had a blog going on while he was planning my birthday dinner? Yup, he's a keeper!
Can I be just a little shallow for a minute and mention my gifts? OMG I am spoiled. You gotta love when you have a blog and you innocently mention "I would love this" or "I wish I had that" because they actually listen! How great is that? The hubby gave me these, Dawn got me this, Bobbi got me a bag FILLED with goodies (wine, Amazon gc, candles -LOVED it), I also received a bottle of wine (hmm notice all the wine products?), and a gc from my SIL and BIL to go towards these (they will be mine)!

I am humbled by the love I feel from you guys! Thank you!

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