Friday, February 12, 2010

A Tapas Weekend

Ah what a quick week. It's such a great thing when the work week flies by, especially when I have exciting plans for the weekend. It's our annual Tapas weekend! I love this "event", I mean what's not to love - Great food and wine with one of my BF's, her hubby and other great company. There are just so many recipes to choose from that it makes my head spin from all the choices. Last year I decided to make albondigas and they were a hit. This year they are back by demand (that makes me happy). I am also making a string bean dish (with a lemon sauce and hard boiled eggs), also a simple green leaf salad with a vinaigrette of rice wine vinegar, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper. This is a very refreshing and simple salad to make. I started making it last year when I would make my chorizo tortilla. This tortilla is hands down one of my families favorite things that I make for them. The hubby actually says it every time I make this dish. "this is my favorite thing you make" :-)
Oh I did not forget about Slow cooker Sunday.. This Sunday I plan on making Southwest Steak Tacos (flank steak in the slow cooker) with all the tacos fixings. Let's hope it works. I'll have an update on Monday!
Have a great weekend.. I'm outta here!
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