Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend Wrap up

How was your weekend? Mine was ok. Sadly Tapas night was postponed, so the hubby and I decided to make dinner instead of ordering out. We picked up a few sirloin filets. Have you ever had? They are much like Filet Mignon, but not as expensive. They are also just as tender. I grilled them on the stove top griller, but once I took them off to "set", I added a pat of butter and let it melt all over the filet. I forgot pictures, but trust me when I tell you you MUST do this if you are grilling a nice piece of beef! YUM - Delish!
For Slow cooker Sunday, I threw a flank steak in the SC (it was beef weekend), seasoned it with fresh cilantro, a little bit of beef broth, chili powder, cumin, salt and pepper. Cooked it on high for about 5 hours, then low for the last 2. YUM! It was so good. I served them with low carb soft tortillas, avocados, tomatoes, shredded sharp cheddar cheese and lettuce - all the fixings. I also made a simple saffron rice as a side dish. Simple and filling. I decided for V day that I would do something sweet for the table. So I got out the Wedding china and linen napkins! The girls loved it, and I gotta say I am going to make sure that I do this more often. Setting the table just added a little flare to the meal.
Simple but fun setting!

Can you see the 11 year old watching the Olympics in the background!

The Steak seasoned in the Slow cooker
and on my china plate

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