Monday, October 11, 2010

Get to the Gap today!

If you have a Gap card then today is your lucky day!
Today and in stores only - 45% off your entire purchase!
No worries if you don't have a Gap card - it's still 40% off today :-)

What do you think of Gap's new logo? I really don't have an opinion for the new logo, then again I really didn't have an opinion on the old one either.

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the cape on the corner said...

i'm so behind on blog reading, you have no idea. i think reader has stopped adding to it. this is bad.

and not approving comments is throwing me off, but i figured it out now. oy.

i read that the gap changed their mind, they are going back to the original logo. why did they even mess with it? don't know if i responded to your best bday comment, but i must say again how cute you and hubs are. he is so thoughtful! s needs to take some lessons, lol.