Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm bored so break out the Antiquing Glaze

In spite of the millions projects that I have coming out the wazoo, I actually started and finished something. A major accomplishment for me these days. Ever look at something and think "I don't like how you look and I'm going to change you for the better"? Besides your husband? ;-)
I give you my 2 candle holders that I am dubbing project "I'm bored, so let's change you for the better". I got these candle holders a few years back from Southern Living at Home. Do you remember this company? It was all the demo rage a few years back. Hmm does anyone know if they are even still around? On second thought, don't tell me. It would be a bad thing if I knew that they were still around. I loved their stuff, but due to the amount of demos that I was attending in a very short amount of time, the hubby put his foot down and said enough with the demos. Of course I didn't hear him complain once when I was also attending a bunch of "adult" demos. Nooo those he actually handed me more money to attend. Men!
Anyhoo.. back to the candle holders.
Notice the white accents on them? How could you not. I don't like them anymore. They stand out too much for my liking, so I antiqued them in hopes of it all blending together. 
So here is the before - Crooked candles and all.

and a shot of "during". It's already starting to look better. Can you see what I am trying to achieve with the glaze? Subtle.
The "After". A few more coats of the glaze and also a few sprays of acrylic to seal the color. 
And finally on my bathroom sink filled with my brushes and makeup. So Pretty.

A simple change, but so much better.


Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

The bright white stripes were a bit much. They look really great now! Happy St. Patricks's day! said...

I had the same 'addiction' to S.L. parties a few years ago. I think they're called Willow House now.

Tks for sharing a great idea...I have similar candle holders from them in a closet somewhere. I may have to break them out for make-up holders :)

Tks for stopping by.